What Clients Have to Say

Keith Charles has been a teacher for most of his adult life. He has graduated from the Corinth Teacher’s College, Trinidad, W.I. and taught at both the elementary and secondary level. After migrating to the USA, Mr. Charles graduated from the Computer Career Institute after achieving Microsoft’s MCSE and Cisco’s CCNP qualification. He began teaching computer technology in 1986 and moved on to corporate training where he travelled across the US teaching professionals from some of the largest companies in the USA, including CACI of Virginia, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, NY Board of Education and Dell Computers to name a few. With a fondness for IT security, Mr. Charles went on to achieve the coveted CISSP qualification offered by the Internet Systems Consortium. His experience at training span schools like UniTEK of California, Netcom Learning, NY, New Horizons, Austin, Texas and TEK Systems. In the field of wireless, Keith obtained the qualification of Certified Wireless Security Professional and Certified Wireless Trainer with the CWNP organization. He is also a New York State Business School Licensed Teacher.

An avid writer, Mr. Charles is a platinum level author at ezinearticles.com and plans to release his first IT Security book in the very near future.

From the first day in class Keith Charles showed his passion for teaching, he let the class know from the beginning of instruction to the end that he was going to hold us to a high standard, which he did. He displayed his expertise daily as he would divulge deeper into the material to make sure he covered everything from every angle. He had a very strong ability to apply the concepts of security to everyday life, which allows his students to feel more comfortable with the subject matter. He not only was a great instructor of the class material, but he also was very focus on coaching us in our careers. He showed up early and was willing to stay late to allow for one on one questions, and never moved forward before everyone had grasped the concept being taught. I have never walked into a certification exam feeling more prepared than this one. I would recommend Keith Charles for anyone looking to build or enhance their knowledge in the field of Information Security.

July 24, 2014, Rick was Keith KC's client

Keith was an excellent instructor for my recent CISSP training. He knew the materials well and was able to link real-world situations and analogies to the security framework easing the learning environment. He was on-time and willing to put in the extra effort if someone became confused and/or lagged behind. I will look to Keith in future training needs for my staff and self.

July 16, 2014, Nathan was Keith KC's client

Keith was my instructor for a five day CISSP online training course. His talent for understanding people and the how the content relates to them is very valuable and has helped many of the people in the class come to a better understanding of the advanced terminologies and concepts in the coursework.

Keith also has a very approachable demeanor in that you can joke around with him, ask him for clarification, and relate to him on a personal level. I would recommend Keith for any further IT courses I take because not only does he know the content, he genuinely cares if we understand it. There are few instructors out there who take the time to know and relate to their students, and Keith is one of them.

During the period 2009-2011 I attended many different courses in pursuit of various Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA certifications and by far the most enjoyable and effective were those taught by Keith Charles (KC). He made sure to engage each student on a level which was commensurate with each individual's competency and comfort level, not the typical one-size-fits-all style employed by many instructors. KC encouraged us to participate and made it easy to do so, and from my own experience this approach is especially fruitful because, lets face it, many modern IT concepts can be difficult to comprehend at all if they are presented in a dry, dispassionate way. KC conducted his classroom in a manner that made me feel that he valued our opinions and respected our life experiences and made it paramount in his course delivery that we left his classroom feeling that we had invested our time and money in a worthwhile endeavor that would yield rewards and benefits far beyond our tuition or classroom time, and his deftness with the concepts assured us that he was "the real deal" and that we were in good hands.

July 16, 2014 Matt was Keith KC student for three certification classes.